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Happy 22-2-22 - we have some news! Reviews are now getting Candy Bucks as well

Posted by Martin on

Thank you for your patience!

In the last couple weeks we have worked behind the scene and updated our review system.

• Media in Reviews

You now have the ability to add pictures and even videos to your review and to rate not only our products but also our shop / company. We can not wait to see all the picture of KidsCone with happy kids around!

• Q&A for products

Also we integrated an easy way to ask question about a product: right on the detail product page you find the "Ask a question" button close to the reviews.

Our Team will answer your questions as soon as possible and send you an email with the update and we will also publish the Q&A in a separate tab right beside the reviews!

We hope this will help you find through all the delicious items we offer.

• More Candy bucks for you, if you write a review

We also want to thank you, if you are a Verified Buyer and get an email invite from us to review the products. You will get a small incentive in form of 35 Candy Bucks. Collect 500 Candy Bucks and you can request a $5 gift card!

• What our customer say?

And lastly we integrated all reviews on our What our customer say  page - go have a look, maybe you find a product you wanna try right away!

As always stay safe out there and have a sweet day!

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