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How we ship?

We are using USPS, Fedex or UPS for bringing you the items you crave so much. The calculation is based on the information that the carrier need like the weight and overall measurements of the box & the distance to the shipping adress from our warehouses. 

Choosing a shipping - or even checking the shipping costs before you buy - is easy. You dont even need to input all your details!

If you simply want to check the costs for items to ship, put everything you want to order in your cart. Then have a look into your cart, and click on "Estimate Shipping Costs". Fill out only Country/State and Zip Code. You will be offered all available shipping options for that Zip Code or Country. 


Here is a short video about it:


But you also can choose and change while you order your items. Just go to checkout and fill in the adress informations. Again you will be offered all available services to the shipping adress. And here is a short video about shipping options during checkout: 


The mobile version of our website also shows you all available shipping methode based on the Country / Zip Code that you put in as shipment adress.

On the mobile site you also check the shipment costs before you finabuy, but it is necessary that you fill out all acount infromation before you get there. We also made a short video explaining the process here (we recommend that you see this video in full screen mode, simply use the vimeo build in tools for that) 


We hope this page helps you a bit, please dont hesitate to contact us if you have more questions, or if we are available just open a chat with us! 


If you've ever wondered about the process your packages go through once they leave our hands, USPS has created a video that visualizes each step along the way: 

(if you want to skip information about letters and magazin and go directly to Packages then go to time 06:24 or click here)



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