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Mutters Küche - Mums Kitchen

Mutters Küche translate from german to english as simple as „Mothers Kitchen“. 

Back in 2010: Dietmar was working in his home office, and Martin in a Neighborhood Bread Store. Then Dietmar got „the Mail“. And he called Martin right away: „Hi - I won the green card lottery!“. Almost 1 year later it became reality: the Green Card for Dietmar was finally there: in the Mail, in his Hand. We always had the goal to work and live in the USA. But it was planned to be 5 years later. The GreenCard Lottery wasn’t really what we had planned on, but of course we wanted it. So we rushed it up it a bit.

It was Dietmar’s idea, when he was making traditional german dishes for friends. Right as every Mother would do it - without any MSG or „naturidentical Aromas“. Only real natural grown ingredients and old, mostly family inspired recipes. So when Dietmar and his husband Martin invites friends over for dinner he found out that our US friends enjoyed these german dishes as well.

We often been asked to bring freshly cooked food over when we visit friends. And as there weren’t some ingredients to buy in the US he decided to make it by his own. Today we offering a short range of those items for sale. Its a great addition to every fresh kitchen or a great gift for friends. Every item is inspired by our german roots, family recipes or our friend the well known german chef Thomas Sampl or our „Jam-Mum“ Marge Ziegler. All items are simple made out of good stuff mostly grown in California, and of course every batch is handmade.

And as we are loving our local community, Mutters Küche are donating 25c of every MKs Product that we sell, to a local charity or NPO.


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