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Think about opt out of ROUTE Premium Protection?

If you think to opt out of the Route for your order, we can not cover for any damages, stolen boxes or lost items by the carrier!

Please do not get in the Carrier insurance trap saying the box is insured (Like  Priority mail with USPS) please be aware Carrier Insurance only works if your order is not shown to be delivered. Insuring your package won't insure against non-delivery or mis-delivery by the post office or any carrier. Once they scan the package as delivered and leave it by your door or porch, they claim no responsibility and so does the insurance of the carrier!
In most cases ROUTE costs less then a $1 - please be thoughtful and opt in for a full protection!
If a parcel is scanned delivered the carrier insurance are not covering anything.
If a parcel is lost in transit a claim for that with the carrier is only allowed 30 days after the last scan, and then it costs still time for them to accept a claim.
If an item is delivered damaged this takes a lengthly claim with the carrier before they accept their responsibilities.
We will support and help you with those claims, but with just one $ on Route you have no hassle and reimbursement/refund or redelivery is just a couple days away and not hassle with longly claims!
If you still want to switch off the protection here is a short video that explains how to do to it.


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