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Kidscone Motorbike (Round) Schultüte Zuckertüte

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Kidscone are made in Germany of durable cardboard with a mesh top. KinderCones are 27 inch tall and 6.5 inch in diameter at the top end. Celebrate the special first day of first grade with this wonderful gift that sweetens every child's first day and makes it so memorable!

The first day of kindergarten or elementary school is full of excitement and just a little bit of anxiety.
Your little ones will always have butterflies in there tummies. Thats why the German “Schultüte” "Zuckertüte" or KidsCone is especially charming!

This is the full sized KidsCone (27"). There is also a mini version (9") and a medium size (13") for siblings and friends.

The Schultüte tradition dates back to the early 19th century in Eastern Germany. Parents or Grandparents give their little first grade students a colorful, oversized cone to celebrate starting school for the very first time. So to make this anxiously awaited first day a little bit sweeter.

The oversized cone is typically filled with little treats like chocolates, candy and small gifts. To stuff them with love is so much fun! The name Schultüte translates to “school cone” (Schule= school and Tüte=bag….sometimes you’ll see it spelled Schultuete when an umlaut isn’t available!) often also called Zuckertüte ("sugar bag", especially in Eastern Germany) and in the US the Name Kinder Cone (tm) or KidsCone is also well known for that tradition.

The first documented report of the cone-shaped Schultüte comes from the city of Jena in 1817, closely followed by reports from Dresden (1820) and Leipzig (1836). It started in the bigger cities but spread quickly to the small towns and villages, soon becoming an institution all over Germany. And ever since Parents / Grandparents have been helping ease those first day of school jitters by giving them Schultüten. Today, this charming tradition lives on as a celebration for children all over the country. In addition to slightly more modern designs, the cones are now filled with cool school supplies (like paints and crayons) and little toys, in addition to the classic sweets!

And not only for Kids on the first Day of school, it also is a great Gift Box for any occasion the year around!



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