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Thank you!

Posted by Dietmar on

We hope you and your loved ones had have a relaxing holiday time. Its the time to reconsider, the time to be with the loved ones, the time remembering the bad and the good. So please always look on the bright side and enjoy life!

We have to thank you all for a busy season and we hope to be your source for all things sweet and savory from europe and especially germany. Please let your feedbacks coming about what article you would like to see.

But again: take a deep breath and smile! 

Thank you and happy holidays - merry Christmas - frohes Fest!

Und guten Rutsch!

With you are sure it will be on Time

(Updated 12/26/16 8:07pm)

That is surely the most important question right now when you order gifts or items to enjoy on the Christmas evening.

And until now the answer is yes but only if you order it today and tomorrow (12/21 5:00pm PT) and choose USPS Priority Mail, Mail Express or Fedex 2Day. 

As a courtesy to all our customer we will upgrade every Ship by weight order to USPS Priority Mail until 12/22!

We will keep this Entry updated every time something chances here.

Yes for continental  USA, with USPS  Priority, Priority Express and Shipment by Weight - FedEx 2 Day Service

No, not guaranteed for island deliveries, it is most likely to work, but as said we can not give a guarante

No for Canada,

Yes for Germany

No for UK, France and all other States in the EU

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