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Black Gold - Candy History Licorice Part 1

Posted by Martin on

In this small series I will try to get some light behind the history of the „black eatable gold“ of licorice.

Wikipedia says the word licorice is derived (via the Old French licoresse) from a Greek word (glukurrhiza) and meaning "sweet root“. It is usually spelled liquorice in British usage, but licorice in the United States and Canada.

Licorice is used and known literally for ages. In Egypt, Licorice has found to be a grave gift. It is told it was for the last journey of hunger.Alexander the Great supplied his troops with rations of Licorice root whilst marching since Licorice has a thirst-quenching quality.

The Licorice as we know it today becoming a candy item has had to go a long way. But it all started in the medical and herbal kitchen.

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