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Welcome to MyGermanCandy

Posted by Martin on


We are so exited, after almost 4 Years we are leaving the old -and to be honest -mostly ugly Shop behind us.

We started a complete refresh on our Website and we really hope you will like it. 

More Options

We are able to offer some new features to you like the LicoricePlanet Subscriptions. Or Subscription to most of the article that you love. We now can offer more Shipping flexibilities then ever before, right hat your fingertips. You can order Gift Certificates and we deliver them for you. You have more Payment Option, and we finally integrated PayPal!


... two things are never changing: first, we still bring you the most delicious Candys and other good Stuff from Germany and Europe into your home, and the second is as important as our Products: you are as a Costumer in total focus! We packing your order as we would pack it for a friend. When we get an Gift Order we will treat your Package as we would love to get a surprise gift from one of our friends. So try us,or stay with us. And please give us Feedbacks as much as you like. Tell us what you like, and what you don't like about our new Storefront.

In this Area we will bring you from time to time some informations, some stories and interesting facts about our Products. So it could be a good idea to come back from time to time, or activate our RSS.

So please be bear with us - in the next couple of weeks we will add new picture, new description, more information and of course always some addition to our productline! 

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