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KidsCone Dolphins (Round) Schultüte Zuckertüte (27")

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This KidsCone shows free wild dolphins enjoying their life in the water. They are extremely kids-friendly and so beloved, also very intelligent. What better friend could your kid wish for?

A Pony is almost every kid's dream. We designed this KidsCone "Pony Dreams" with hearts in our minds since kids love them and these cute horses always love back.

The first day of kindergarten or elementary school is full of excitement and just a little bit of anxiety.  Your little ones will always have butterflies in their tummies. That's why the German “Schultüte” "Zuckertüte" or KidsCone is especially charming!

KidsCones are handmade* in Germany of durable cardboard with a mesh top. 

This is the regular sized (27”) KidsCone, it is the one for your kid that got his first day of kindergarten or school. There is also Mini Versions (9") and medium-sized ones (14”) available those are meant for siblings or friends, although they are not ready for school yet, the younger siblings can get there own mini Schultüte, so they wouldn’t feel left out (and you will have no tears to wipe).

And Brandnew: We also have available the DIY Version where you design your own KidsCone. 


KidsCones Round is 27 inches tall and 6.5 inches in diameter at the top end. Celebrate the special first day of first grade with this wonderful gift that sweetens every child's first day and makes it so memorable!  

Traditionally KidsCones is always empty so that you can fill it with the special items your kids like the most!

In our pictures you see up to three KidsCone in our holder just to show the full KidsCone, the price reflects always one KidsCone. 

*As these Cones are assembled by hand back in Germany please be aware that it might have little imperfections that come with all handmade items. But we take pride in making the KidsCone a very special gift for your kids!

Read more about the tradition of KidsCone at

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