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We are here for you....

Posted by Martin on

First please stay healthy and safe! 

I want to shortly update you on how we are working in this tough time. As long as it is possible we will continue to pack and fulfill your orders. As long as you can order online these products are available and we will deliver it to you.

We are doing this with several procedures in place. As always, we continue to use one time gloves, hairnets and mouthpieces when we work with candies. Sanitizer and frequently washing hands has always been a sturdy procedure from day one of our operation in the USA. We are a small team and we make it possible that we are not working closely together, for product pickup and packaging we work one at a time to reduce the number of possible infections.

Test have shown that, even if a parcel would have been contaminated with a spore, parcels that arrive at your place wouldn't be contagious

That said with especially the one-person rule in place it will take longer to fulfill your orders slightly. We are doing it as fast as possible, if you need something urgently please consider updating the shipment - that way we will priorities orders that are in a faster shipment category.

Other than that we think that a little sweet might brighten your day for a few seconds and that is why we will continue through this crazy time. 

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We are on a short shopping - vacation back in Germany!

Its is already that long!  MyGermanCandy is closing our warehouse due to a weeks vacation and shopping trip for new items.  You will be able to order, but new orders between 01/30 and 02/06 will be shipped after we are back 02/06. All orders before that, will be shipped before we leave. So please stock up if [...]

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Happy New Year

We wish you a very good start into 2017! May all your wishes come true and you achieve the resolutions that you made for yourself.Let us take the opportunity to thank you for 2016, we love you having as customer and are so happy that you trusted us with fulfilling your cravings. We will add this [...]

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Sweet and holiday inspired Bratapfel recipe

Baked apples are a simple dessert made from oven-baked apples with a delicious filling. These fillings are what make the recipe so unique for every family, When i was researching for this article i dont find any history about it. But it is been made for centuries.Most likely in wintertime, the smell of baked apples [...]

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Thank you!

We hope you and your loved ones had have a relaxing holiday time. Its the time to reconsider, the time to be with the loved ones, the time remembering the bad and the good. So please always look on the bright side and enjoy life!We have to thank you all for a busy season and [...]

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German Potato Salad - Mutters Küche - Version 1 - with Mayo

When it comes to "original German Potato Salad" I have to admit there is no such thing! - shock!?    There are so many family recipes, and every family claims to be "the original". Truth is german potato salad always are different and all of them taste great. I will put some of the ones that [...]

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Black Gold - Candy History Licorice Part 4

Welcome to our fourth and last part of the Licorice Story - well at least for this particular history part. There isn’t only one item that is „the licorice“. A wide variety of Licorice sweets are produced around the world. And a lot of people love a particular kind of licorice, but not the other part. [...]

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Black Gold - Candy History Licorice Part 3

But what goes in a normal Licorice candy? Today licorice is a confection flavored with the extract of the roots of the Licorice plant. It is usually made out of the following ingredients: sugar, starch, glucose syrup, gelling agent, licorice extract, flour, salt, according to taste and ammonium chloride, flavorings, glazing agent: anise oil or [...]

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Black Gold - Candy History Licorice Part 2

Welcome to the second part of our short story of licorice...Todays knowledge confirms that Licorice has a calming effect on throat and the stomach. But there also is a warning, as with all medicine products (nature or manmade) there are side effects when you not use it probably: glycyrrhizin, the active ingredient of licorice, stimulates the circulation of the [...]

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Fancy Food Show 2016 a short review

Thanks a lot for visiting us at Moscone Center this year. With the first Booth on our own (but still together with our Partner Wurstkuchl) we had great fun and success.You guys just loved the new Additions to our Programm. So we will add Ingos original Wurst Soße - to make your very own CurryWurst [...]

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