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How to use a coupon / gift card

It is easy to apply a coupon to your order, just make sure you do it before you pay in the checkout. Please note that when you use Apple Pay, Amazon Pay or any other direct payment type - make sure that you apply the coupon before you click the payment button. We are not able to manually apply a coupon after you have payed.


Here is a short video on how you can apply the coupon in the cart bevor you go to the check-out. We always recommend to apply the coupon in the check-out but it is possible to do it here as well. If you have a gift card, you need to apply that in the check-out page, and we have a video for you for that as well.


The following Video  shows how you apply the coupon on the checkout page, if you have a gift card, you also use this field to activate it!



 Of course on our mobile Website you can also easliy get your rebates, we made a small video for better understanding you where you type in your code:

(we recommend to view this video in the full screen mode)