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Edora Pottasche (Potash) Kaliumcarbonat Potassium 20g - 0.7 oz

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Product Description

Important baking agent for the Christmas bakery. Potassium carbonate (potash), K2CO3, the potassium salt of carbonic acid, forms a white, hygroscopic powder.

Store powder in well-closed containers in a dry place. Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin. Wear suitable gloves, goggles and face shield when handling potash.


Use: Leavening sweets ("cookies", especially Christmas bakery) and high-sugar doughs. To remove ashes from pots (put 1 tablespoon on the crust in the pot, let stand overnight and boil the next day with 1 cup of water: the residue loosens from the bottom of the pot).

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