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Jahnke Dark Schoko Salmiak (Chocolate Salmiak) Lollipop 5 pieces - 6.1 Oz - 175g

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The  Original Jahnke salmiak Lolli covered in double layers of dark bittersweet chocolate brings you the tasty combination home from the german carnivals. Get back memories of those delicious walks through the fairgrounds. Taste the delicious belgian chocolate that melts in your mouth pleasant and discover the Salmiakcore with its intense flavor.

The 3.15 " or 8 cm long Lollis prepared for generations by the same, old family recipe and create feelings of nostalgia.

Ingredients:Sugar, glucose syrup, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, wheat flour, flavor, sweetwood extract, sugar syrup, dye: vegetable coconut, cooking salt, emulsifier: soy lecithins.

Contains gluten and soy lecithin.
May contain traces of nuts and peanuts.

Store in a dry place. Protect from sun and heat.

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