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BiggerVegas 2019

hard work on a palletWelcome dear attendee of BiggerVegas 2019! We are happy to have you here! We are a proud sponsor of this community event - and we did it again. after the first time in 2017 we are back with a new welcome bag - in form of a purse!

When you checked in at BiggerVegas you got a Welcome Bag filled with helpful information - and this years edition the MyGermanCandy Purse!

We are very proud, and since we are German, we tend to brag just a little ;-).Every purse is handmade from Dietmar and Martin (Citizenname on request per mail). For the past six months, we’ve been working diligently to produce over 1000 bags of candy, including 6000 Lollipops, 12000 wrapped toffees, licorice and bonbons,  packed into 46 boxes on a 900 lbs pallet, where they’ll take a two-day trip to Vegas to your Welcome Purse and your mouth!

We hope you like it, love it, and tell us what you think. Let us know via email at

PS You will find nutrition and ingredients list here